The Perils of being a Pisces

PiscesI never really read much into astrology and zodiac signs until about five years ago when I worked with a woman who was very into it. My most prominent memory of my time with Breann has got to around her stories of her ex-husband. You see, he was always so emotional and mopey and an all-around difficult person to be with. Why, you might ask? Well, he was a Pisces.

I, too, am a Pisces and Breann’s words stung. Sure, I already knew I was an emotional person but could that trait really have been caused by the date I was born? Furthermore, I was born 6 weeks premature. Was I destined to be a Pisces or really an Aries, the sign aligned with my due date?

Generally, I approach astrology with a bit of humor, using my Pisces-inducing waterworks as a crutch to lean on. Tears during a 60-second back-story clip on American Idol? Can’t help it, I’m a Pisces! Losing it while attending a friend of a friend’s wedding when I hardly know the bride and groom? Pisces are emotional creatures, damn-it!

That’s how I deal with being a Pisces on the outside. Internally, I can’t help but wonder if there’s more to astrology than I’m currently willing to admit..


3 thoughts on “The Perils of being a Pisces

  1. “Internally, I can’t help but wonder if there’s more to astrology than I’m currently willing to admit..”

    Judging astrology by your Sun sign alone is like looking at one square centimeter of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and commenting, “It is just a blog of paint!” 😉 😉 😉 😉


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  3. Hi, Penny! I came across your blog through Blogging101 and I just want to say that I think about this A LOT. I’m a Pisces (premature Aries too) and I look dead on the outside but I am the most sensitive, emotional, weepy person in the world. Which, y’know, I’ve always attributed to being a Pisces. But, from a slightly more psychological angle, I’ve begun to think that my childhood interest in astrology is what intensified my simple childhood sensitivity into something else. Like I latched on to it because it made sense, took it to another level, and now it’s stuck here FOREVER. It’s not exactly the same thing but–here’s another way of looking at it? 😉


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