Finding Penny

We’re about a half day away from the New Year and I am looking forward to the strike of midnight with newfound optimism and hope. 2014 was a roller-coaster for me while I let other people’s expectations – those they stated and those I imagined – control my every day. I blogged yesterday on The Perils of Being a Pisces and I think the Pisces symbol of two fish whirling around one another couldn’t be more true to my past year, i.e. constantly being pulled in different directions.

So, I am welcoming with open arms the idea of a definitive fresh-start for 2015. I’ve spent quite a bit of time this past week pondering what my New Year’s resolutions might be, and I’ve settled on an overarching theme of: Finding Penny. I want to find myself again and stay truest to what makes me the happiest, and the prospect of doing so already makes me very happy!

I have a few ideas to get me started on this path of rediscovery and recognize that the journey itself will alter some of these ideas while hopefully solidifying others.

  • Focus on the POSITIVE, i.e. no more dwelling on the negative! Life is a blessing and there is no ‘right’ roadmap or end goal… it’s all about experiencing and appreciating the journey.
  • Be PRESENT. Put away that phone! Texts, games and social surfing can certainly wait until your real, live company has left. Incorporate the ‘silence’ feature so vibration notifications will not cause distraction. Take a genuine interest in what your companions are saying – after all, there must be a reason you’ve decided to hang out with them!
  • Stay true to YOURSELF. If someone asks you to do X, Y or Z, remember this is merely an invitation or suggestion, i.e. not an obligation. Take time to think if this is really something that will bring you happiness. If not, simply thank them for the offer and politely decline. Put yourself and your wants and desires first over accommodating others. What do you want to do instead? Read? Write? Work-out? Explore?
  • Recognize the only person you can control is YOU. As much as you’d like to think otherwise, you cannot control other people. If someone is constantly late, you’re only harming yourself by constantly getting upset. Instead, think of a new way you can handle the situation, i.e. adjust your expectation, your reaction or simply cut that person out of your life. You’re only fooling yourself if you think someone is magically going to change overnight because you demanded it.
  • Stop dwelling on what others may or may not be thinking of you. I somehow left this out of my initial list, after mentioning it upfront in the post, which is kind of crazy because I think this is the most critical goal for myself moving forward.

Well, just a few ideas to get me started! 🙂 “Rome wasn’t built in a day” as they say; I, too, realize this won’t be a quick and easy process, but I’m excited to get started. Let’s do this 2015!!


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