Introducing…. PENNY!

Hi all. Penny here. Being a blogging newbie, I signed up for The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 course and my first assignment is to introduce myself. Perhaps this is a little backward not being my first blog post, but here we go nonetheless….

I have been a reader and writer – albeit a mostly private writer – my entire life. From staying up all night with a flashlight under the covers reading countless Nancy Drew books as a child to taking writing classes at night as an adult, I have an unwavering passion for story-telling. I have always dreamed of becoming a famed, published columnist and novelist. Alas, my efforts to reach such fame have been limited to my own personal hard drive.

So, last week, I decided I’d enter the world of blogging to begin sharing my ponderings with the outside world, and here I am! I’m excited to open myself up to outside perspectives and feedback, and I hope to continue sharing my ruminations on life and also some more polished pieces as I work on them. Until next time….


4 thoughts on “Introducing…. PENNY!

  1. Okay, I don’t know if this is weird but the way you write, you just sound like a really nice person 😀 Reading your post, I instantly felt lifted up. Keep that tone of yours, it makes reading your texts a delight!

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