Just the ramblings of an almost 30-something

When I was younger, I developed a timeline for my life without any real knowledge at all on the topic. It went something like… serious boyfriend in college, engaged by 24, married by 25, kids by 28. And I wasn’t alone. Many friends had the same expectations for life in their 20s. Well, I am on the brink of 30, childless and without a ring on my finger, and given my wise ole age, I am totally OK with that.

It’s funny how the older you get, the more you realize (and experience!) that things don’t always work out the way you intended…. nor should they. Where did those expectations come from in the first place? Other people? Something you read? Something someone said? I find it’s often tough – but always important – to weed through the BS to discover what it is that you actually want. Sure, sometimes I struggle with the childhood fantasy I had for my adult life versus reality, but I do try to focus as much as possible on blazing my own trail and creating a path that works for Penny.

For today’s Blogging101 writing assignment, we’re asked to detail our ‘dream reader’. I’d say anyone who appreciates or can relate to ruminating/navigating through life fits the bill for me! To make a few blogging friends along the way wouldn’t hurt either! 😉blonde1

Pondering Penny


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