Penny, The Integrator!

I took a Business Chemistry class this morning, where we studied personal behavior patterns to determine insights about individuals and how we can better interact with one another. Essentially, there are four scientifically based patterns of personality – Driver, Pioneer, Integrator and Guardian – and most people strongly associate with one or two patterns that characterize their business behaviors. Well, it took about 8 minutes and 70 questions for the test to completely nail my behavior as an Integrator.

We learned that Integrators thrive with personal connection and keeping harmony among individuals and teams. They love to see how the pieces fit together. They’re empathetic, consensus builders, dutiful, nonlinear, helpful and trusting. They dislike confrontation, aloofness, interruptions, aggressiveness, bragging and competition.

I don’t know whether I’m more impressed or frightened at how accurate this test was. Either way, I do find it funny that I’ve started my blog focused on the nuances and navigation of life at basically the same time I’m pegged as an Integrator who loves to see how the pieces fit together. I think this blog was definitely meant to be…


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