The Perils of being a Pisces

PiscesI never really read much into astrology and zodiac signs until about five years ago when I worked with a woman who was very into it. My most prominent memory of my time with Breann has got to around her stories of her ex-husband. You see, he was always so emotional and mopey and an all-around difficult person to be with. Why, you might ask? Well, he was a Pisces.

I, too, am a Pisces and Breann’s words stung. Sure, I already knew I was an emotional person but could that trait really have been caused by the date I was born? Furthermore, I was born 6 weeks premature. Was I destined to be a Pisces or really an Aries, the sign aligned with my due date?

Generally, I approach astrology with a bit of humor, using my Pisces-inducing waterworks as a crutch to lean on. Tears during a 60-second back-story clip on American Idol? Can’t help it, I’m a Pisces! Losing it while attending a friend of a friend’s wedding when I hardly know the bride and groom? Pisces are emotional creatures, damn-it!

That’s how I deal with being a Pisces on the outside. Internally, I can’t help but wonder if there’s more to astrology than I’m currently willing to admit..


Penny’s First Pondering

Hello and welcome to Penny’s Ponderings! How you came across this blog post is beyond me as it’s my first time blogging and I’m not entirely sure how this all works. But, alas, I will at least pretend I have an audience for the time being.

I’ve always enjoying writing and pondering the nuances of life. For the most part I’ll just open a new Word doc and start typing the thoughts bouncing around my head. So, this is a new – and more organized – approach to my free-flow writing. We shall see how it goes…

I am just about through this year’s holiday season and I must say I am ready for it to be over. The season started off strong where I felt like I was truly the most organized shopper among family and friends. For maybe the first time in my life, I was not running around like a crazy person come Christmas Eve. I was looking forward to heading home and spending a quality December 24th with my family. Well, little did I realize that I would be the sole person prepared for Christmas this year! Between my dad disappearing for the entire afternoon to ‘run a few errands’, my mom preparing about 18 different and complicated dishes for that night and the next day, and my brother celebrating Christmas Eve with his new wife and her family, I was left pretty much alone.

Christmas day didn’t fare any better, as both my immediate and extended family were flat-out exhausted from the chaos of the previous day… no surprise there! It seemed all anyone could manage to do was complain, nap or play on their phones. So glad we all traveled from all over the country to sit together in silence and tap, tap, tap on our phones!

Call me old-fashioned, but is it so much to ask that we live in the present for a few hours on one special day a year?